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          Welcome Tongli Grain Machinery!
          TLWF68S dual-spindled micro grinder

          Performance features:

          Dual grinding chamber with a wide body, huge screen area, birotor design, positive and negative rotation at the same time, all these enhance the effective blow of hammer at material.
          A special-designed rotor with two different clearances between the hammers and screens meets the need of sieve changing for diverse fitness of grinding;
          Side air inlet destroys the circulation layer of material and clean the screen surface effectively, which will significantly increase the grinding efficiency;
          The working surface of hammer is welded with hard alloy material, which prolongs its service life;
          The imported SKF high-speed bearing ensures its continuous operation with no failure;
          Gravity operating door and unique and convenient sieve pressing mechanism;
          The safe interlock system of operating door ensures the electrical machine will not be initiated when the door is opened;
          It applies to the micro-grinding of piglet feed, feeding yeast, fermented soybean and chemical industries and aquatic feed for shrimps, crabs and fishes.


          Product  model TLWF68*50S TLWF68*60S TLWF68*80S TLWF68*100S
          Main engine power (KW) (45-55)*2 (55-75)*2 (75-90)*2 (90-110)*22
          Production capacity(t/h) 4-7 5-8 8-12 10-15